NuTeK Hardwarethon 2015

Unofficial Norwegian Championship in Technology


Date: Thursday 10th September 2015

Location: Stavanger / IPark / Måltidets Hus


Prize: 1st: 50 000 NOK. 2nd: 15 000 NOK. 3rd: 5 000 NOK


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The Hardwarethon Competition Challenge 2015:

Describe a concrete problem and create a solution consisting of Hardware + Software.

The solution can be presented as a actual prototype or as a product/prototype business presentation. Participants in the Hardwarethon will present their solution on the 10th of September at the NuTek Startup Gathering.




Challenge theme:

- 1. Health and welfare technologynal performance and compensates for physical handicap in hearing, vision, reading ability, agility, strength etc.




- 2. Video and communication technologies: Remote monitoring by picture and sound as well as communication solutions by video web and robot technology.


Send Your application before June 29th to ahr (at) ipark.no & gis(at)ipark.no.



Application must include:

- Name and contact info to team members

- Description of the concrete problem you solve

- Description of functionality

- Component list

- Budget

- Description of work process



Minimum 3 people per team


Technology: We recommend Arduino or equivalent with IOT module


Students may apply for financial support for hardware of up to 1 500 NOK. We will support up to 8 teams. Send you application to ahr (at) ipark.no as soon as possible. Continuous evaluation of applications.



Competition Criteria:

- 1 Commercially potential;

- 2 Degree of innovation / disruptive / pioneering


Jury members Hardwarethon:

Joakim Flathagen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Christian Rokseth, Bartec PIXAVI

Kjell Skappel, Stavanger Venture

Simen Malmin, Prekubator TTO

Håkon Thue Lie, LEOGRIFF


IPR: Ipark Nutek is considered a public event and the teams should not present details of their solutions that could be subject to patent protection.


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Ipark Inkubator

Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 7A

Postboks 8034, 4068 Stavanger

Tlf: +47 51 87 40 00

Email: anne.k.andersen@ipark.no